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    Bring in your computer and we will diagnose it for free. We will pinpoint the specific problem, whether it’s hardware or software, and fix it promptly. Even if your repair requires us to order parts, we can usually have you back up and running within 48 hours after receiving everything we need.


    We service both PC and Mac. For Mac repairs, we employ a certified Apple Technician



    Are you having issues charging your laptop?

    Do you have a broken hinge?

    Is your machine overheating?

    Did your screen get cracked?

    Do you have missing or sticking keys?

    Is your touchpad broken?


    We can fix all that and more! Bring your laptop (or your MacBook) in and we will diagnose it for free. We can order parts and have you up and running in no time. Our average turnaround time is 48 hours after we acquire any parts that might be necessary (i.e. a new screen).


    For MacBook repairs we employ a certified Apple Technician.



    Have you cracked the screen on your tablet?

    Has it been dropped and now it’s charging slowly or not at all?


    Bring it in and let us take a look, chances are we can fix it!


  • iPHONE / iPOD / iPAD


    Is the screen on your Apple device cracked? Bring it in and we can replace it!


    Is your computer running slow?


    Our system cleanup service addresses a large number of areas known to cause a system to perform sluggishly over time such as heat buildup, junk and temp file accumulation, unnecessary startup programs, invalid registry entries and others.


    Do you have toolbars in your browser that weren’t there before?

    Are you concerned you might have malware installed on your computer?


    Even if you’re currently running antivirus software, it’s not a foolproof solution. You can still be infected with potentially dangerous malware that can log keystrokes and steal passwords. If you even suspect your computer might be compromised, bring it to us and let us run a free diagnostic for you. If it turns out your machine is infected, we can remove most viruses without the loss of any personal data, usually within 48 hours.



    If your hard crashes or your computer needs to be re-formatted, we employ sophisticated tools and software designed to recover your personal data such as photos, videos and documents.


    We can reinstall your original operating system (Windows OR Mac). With every OS installation we make sure it’s current by installing all required service packs, drivers and patches.



    In this day and age a LOT of kids have their own computers and cell phones. Are you confused with all the different ways they are communicating with others? Do you want to understand how things like SnapChat, Backchat, Twitter, Instagram and other messaging programs work so you can help guide them into making smart choices? Come in and talk to us! We will show you how to monitor their usage and ensure they are not being bullied or making poor choices


    Do you want to set up wireless networking in your home?

    Are you looking to add a guest SSID for additional security?

    Are you interested in setting up a wireless printer so everyone can print regardless of where they are in the house?


    Come in or call us at 860-516-0095 and let us know what you’re looking to accomplish. We can install whatever device (or devices) you like whether it’s a new router, wireless printer or even a new switch. We can even show you how to manage your internet connection so your kids are only on when you want them to be.



    Do you have old, broken computer equipment taking up space? Bring it in and we will recycle it free of charge.


    Are you looking to upgrade to a high performance gaming rig? Maybe you need more power for a graphics intensive application or VDI (Virtual Desktop Environment). Whatever the reason, we can build a machine to meet all your needs


    Did you ever want to learn how to transfer photos from your smartphone to your computer or use a particular piece of software like Skype?


    We offer instruction on a variety of subjects. Please call us at 860-516-0095 or stop in and let us show you how to do “stuff.”



    Reboot Computer Sales and Service offers training courses that focus on the Microsoft Office suite of products. The classes are geared toward all class of users from beginners to advanced. If you’re interested please call us at 860-516-0095 for our course overviews


    Do you have old video tapes lying around you’d like to convert to preserve? Let us take your video content and digitally back it up to DVD. We also offer video editing services to help improve the overall look and feel. We can create you a montage or slideshow for a special event. Feel free to submit an inquiry or stop by the store with your ideas.


    Reboot Computer Sales and Service offers a variety of business services including:


    • OS updates

    • Server patches and updates

    • Security updates and scans

    • Data backup

    • General cleanup

    • DR checkup

    • POS installation

    • Wireless and wired networking (LAN and WAN)

    • Service plans

    • Consulting services

    • MS Office training



    Call us at (860) 516-0095 and we will enthusiastically help you meet your technology needs.



    Got a question? We’d love to hear from you!

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CALL US (860) 516-0095